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Flinthill: worktime

Learning good manners

The breed standard describes the pointer’s temperament as kind and with an even disposition. This makes them ideal companions and well worth training so that they behave well in different situations.

All the dogs at Flinthill have attended local KC Good Citizen training classes for socialisation with other dogs and people and also to learn good manners.

Some have achieved the Bronze, Silver and even Gold Good Citizen awards while others are a work in progress… This training in basic obedience develops the bond between owner and dog as well as being good fun!

good manners

Flinthill Peter Pan practising his sit stay before achieving his KC Good Citizen Gold Award

Bronze Award

Slightly bored Thyme and relieved Flo with Thyme's bronze KC Good Citizen certificate

good manners

Flinthill Sun King (Max) retrieves his favourite toy

good manners

Max with his KC Good Citizen Gold Award

good manners

Flinthill Chocolate Thyme (Mr Woof) aged 11 weeks learning how to be a good boy

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