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Flinthill: worktime

Finding birds

The pointer is traditionally used to indicate the presence and position of sitting game and nowadays many pointers will be found working on grouse or pheasant moors.

All Flinthill pointers are bred to retain the instinct and ability to find game. However, teaching them to do this in a controlled way rather than simply hunting for themselves is a constant challenge!

But watching pointers quarter and then point when they find game is a wonderful experience and truly impressive when two or more dogs back each other on point.

It is also particularly satisfying to watch young puppies develop scenting abilities and learn how to find birds, often by copying the older dogs.

More Worktime

Finding birds

Thyme displaying the traditional stance of a pointer intent on game

mr woof birds

Mr Woof in Tantobie fields

reeth moors

Daisy looking for grouse on the moors in Yorkshire

Finding birds

Thyme backs her son Flinthill Monty Don (Monty) in Tantobie fields

Finding birds

6 month-old Flinthill Golden Thyme (Goldie) learning how to find birds with her mother Thyme

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