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Very Important Pets

Previously at Flinthill…

Over the past 24 years, Flinthill puppies have gone to live in carefully chosen homes in this country and occasionally overseas.

Many of these dogs have not been regulars in the show ring or used for working on the moors. But they have all become much-loved family members and companions.

This is our tribute to Flinthill's Very Important Pets.

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Partners in crime Indie (left) and her half sister Inca, owned by the Butler family

Lewis,  owned by Christopher Wall and Jackie Armstrong and now living in Australia

Sebastian, a true friend to his owner, Wendy Chaplin

Four Flinthill pointers (left to right) Mouse, Harry, Inca and Maizie all owned by the Barraclough family.  Sadly, Harry,Mazie and Mouse are no longer with us but Inca is still enjoying life as an active veteran in Cumbria. 

Jenny (right) relaxes with her best pal, Harry, at her new home with the Crawford family in Scotland

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