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Flinthill: showtime

Flinthill Chocolate Thyme (Mr Woof) - Main Results

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show
third, limit dog - November, 2014

Pointer Club of Scotland Championship Show
second, limit dog - October, 2014

Birmingham CSA
First, limit dog - May, 2013

VHC, limit dog - March 2013

Richmond Championship Show

Best of Breed and Dog CC - September, 2012

National Gundog CS
first, yearling dog - August, 2012

Birmingham National CS
first, graduate dog - May, 2012

The Pointer Club Championship Show
third, yearling dog - April, 2012

Pointer Club of Scotland Open Show
Best Dog - March 2012

Gundog Breeds of Scotland CS
first, junior dog - November, 2011

Pointer Club of Scotland CS
RCC and first, junior dog - October, 2011

More Showtime (with Results)

running at Richmond

Mr Woof winning Best of Breed and the Dog CC at Richmond Championship Show in September, 2012 under breed specialist Rui Oliveira. Picture by Sam Anderson-Rowell

standing at richmond

Mr Woof winning DCC and BOB at Richmond Championship Show in September, 2012. Picture by Sam Anderson-Rowell

Meeting the gundog group judge

Mr Woof meeting the gundog group judge, Renee  Spore-Willes (Sweden) at Richmond Championship Show, September 2012.  He was short-listed in the group. Picture by Issy Roullier

free-standing group

Mr Woof free-standing in the gundog group at Richmond Championship Show.  Picture by Issy Roullier

quiet word

Mr Woof and Flo having a quiet moment after he won Best of Breed at Richmond Championship Show.  Picture by Sam Anderson Rowell

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