Flinthill Dogs

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Flinthill: the girls


Flinthill Orange Princess is one of ten puppies born here in February, 2016. Their mother is Flinthill Sunshine Suzy and their sire is Flinthill Monty Don. I am particularly proud of this litter as I bred both parents.

It was a hard choice deciding which pup to keep but in the end, I couldn't resist the way Angie cuddled in and licked my face whenever I picked her up. She still loves everyone and everything and is full of fun and frolics, usually involving muddy ditches, puddles or the water trough in the fields.

She and her mum are like two peas in a pod. Suzy is very patient with her cheeky daughter and they spend hours chasing round the fields together.

Angie loves the excitement of the show ring and although only shown lightlhy to give her time to mature, she has done well in puppy and junior classes and will be at Crufts, 2018.

More Flinthill Girls

Angie aged 8 months

Angie aged eight months. Pic by Sam Anderson-Rowell

on point

Angie aged 16 months finding pheasant in Tantobie fields - July, 2017

Angie aged 3 months

Angie aged three months. Pic by Photocall

Angie with Flora and mother Suzy

Angie (centre) with Flora and her mother Suzy

with granny thyme

Angie with her Granny Thyme finding pheasant. July, 2017

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