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Welcome to Flinthill


I hope you enjoy meeting some of the dogs I have bred and others who have lived with me and my family over the years in the North East of England.

I have owned pointers and Irish setters since 1989 and my dogs are much-loved companions but are also show dogs. They all have the basic ability to do the job for which they are bred - finding birds.

They are taught good manners and basic obedience at the local KC Good Citizen classes. Some are better at this than others!

The dogs are handled by me in the show ring and I am approved by the Kennel Club to judge pointers at championship shows and Irish setters at open show level.

I have bred two UK show champions, have eight pointers in the Kennel Club's Stud Book and have bred two pointers who have become champions overseas.

This year marks the 26th anniversary of Flinthill and the granting of my affix by the Kennel Club after my first pointer litter was born in 1992.

I am also proud to have been the editor of three books about pointers - Pointers Worldwide 2010, Pointers Worldwide 2012 and Pointers Worldwide 2014. Find out more about these books and how to get them by clicking on the link at the top of this page.


This page was last updated July 10, 2017

thyme at 11

Sh Ch Flinthill Wild Thyme JW with Flo in a picture taken to mark Thyme's eleventh birthday. Sadly, Thyme passed away in December, 2017 but she will always be remembered. Pic by Photocall

april reunion

Flinthhill puppy reunion, April 2017 at Chopwell Woods, Tyne and Wear. Suzy and Monty with their puppies (aged 13 mopnths) and friends.  Left to right: Ralph, Ghillie, Frank, Hamish, Suzy, Angie, Granny Thyme, Flora, Monty, Peggy-Sue, Jess. Pic by Photocall.

Mr Woof and Evie

Mr Woof and Evie with some of their puppies and their owners at our puppy reunion in the Yorkshire Dales in April, 2016. Pic by Photocall.

May puppy reunion

Flinthill puppy reunion, May 2017 at Druridge Bay, Northumberland. Mr Woof and Evie's puppies (and friends), aged two years. Left to right: Murphy, Quinn, Frankie, Flynn, Suzy, Mabel, Mr Woof, Granny Thyme, Angie, Flora.

Suzy and Monty’s pups

Peace, perfect peace. Suzy and Monty’s pups aged two weeks.

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